Premium Genuine Leather Concealed Ankle Holster

Premium Genuine Leather Concealed Ankle Holster

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  • HALIKARNAS Sometimes you need deep concealment... very deep!
  • Hand Made Molding for a perfect fit.
  • Our ankle holsters provide you with a way to conceal a small to medium sized handgun under your trousers on your ankle.
  • The cuff features sheepskin padding between the holster and your ankle.
  • It is very comfortable and able to support the extra weight of the Mini-Glocks and other small handguns.
  • It incorporates a large velcro closure which is adjustable to fit most adult legs and ankles and helps eliminate any unwanted gun movement.
  • A right-handed shooter will order a right-handed holster and it will attach to the inside of your left ankle.
  • If you need deep cover, this is it!
  • Available in Black only.


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4 ( 4 / 5 )
To be fair I would like to upgrade my previous review. Although I still think the circumference of the ankle holster band is a bit snug, an old pro gave me a tip. "Put the holster on your ankle, and then insert the weapon" I would never have dreamed it would make a difference, but it did give me a little more room to fasten the velcro. I wore it for a couple of hours today at a doctor's appointment under a pain of khakis pants and it was comfortable and unnoticeable. I may even be able to wear it without using the extension I purchased. If I was Masc, I would consider sending those instructions with the holster package.
3 ( 3 / 5 )
I received my TR-2300 Ankle Holster today for my Taurus 85 .38 revolver. The holster itself is made very well, it is molded exactly to my revolver. It also has a heavy duty snap retention strap to keep the gun in the holster. I bet I could jog and it wouldn't come out. Where it falls short, and I am very disappointed... is the length and circumference of the band. I am a slightly above average American male and I had to have help pulling it tight enough to velcro shut. I had to go on and buy a $16.00usd "Ankle holster extension" which is basically just a 6 inch piece with velcro on each side. If I was the owner of Masc "who's holsters I love" I would lengthen the circumference of this ankle holster.

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